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Welcome to Charleville Football Central or We use to be known as the Ireland Rugby website, but after much discussion with our readers and talks about what they want to see we decided to focus on American Football because most of our readers are from the U.S. and many of our international readers love the sport as the National Football League (NFL) has went out of its way to make the game more globalized. This is why we have turned the fc on the domain to football central.

On this site you can expect to learn about all aspects of football and how the game began along with updates on each of the major leagues which include the National Football League (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Each of these leagues are very popular in America and we will get into the reasons why and when you are visiting the United States what you can expect from tailgating to transportation.

There are a number of football teams that are involved in college and the professionals. The college football teams revolve around a college program and the success or failure a school has often time depends on the amount of resources a program has. The have and have not's in college football is wide and this can mean the difference between building a national champion or being one of the bottom dwellers in their conference.

On this site we will look at many of these issues that define what helps a program succeed and what you need to know about these programs from the college to the professional level. You will not get many scores updates here, since this site is not about updating you on the score of game and the play by play since there are so many sites you can visit for this type of information. In fact ESPN, one of the top sports sites in America can give you the scores and play by play for each of the college and professional teams. On this site you will learn more about the psychology of the players, the college atmosphere, and the professional life that you will not get on the regular sports websites.



The college football game is one that revolves around passion. Since the players are not paid at this level, many play for the love of the game. Many of the players at this level will never play for a professional team let alone see the inside of a NFL locker room. So the game at this level is pure and about the love of your school, your team mates, and the love of the game. There are a lot of Americans that love college football better than the professional brand because of the passion involved with the school where they graduated from, and the pure since that winning is not about a paycheck but about bragging rights.



The National Football League or NFL for short is the top of the line for professional football. Sure there are other leagues like the arena league and others, but no game gets as much fame and credibility as the NFL. There are two conferences in the NFL which are the American Football Conference or AFC, and the National Football Conference or NFC. These conferences are not split up by region since you can find an AFC and NFC team in the same state or even the same city. They are split up by tradition which started decades ago before the NFL even existed. We will get into the history of the game in a future blog post so stay tuned.